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Artwork by Josh Delarosa based on the poem “Fancy” by Chad Montgomery

As my plate full
And my cup runneth over
As if I found a box
Of four leaf clover
Chillin in lounges
All of the world
I stand out
Like a rare pearl
Not just my designer shoes
Or my designer jewels
But look at the environment
To be inspired by your everyday life
It makes you wanna spend everyday right
Yeah there are lows
But the highs are more than I could imagine
Like High fashion
The glasses of the struggle did not allow me to see this
But now with eyes wide
I can’t forget
That as long as time permits
Both worlds exist
A word everybody can say
But not a word everybody can live
Prayers from my ancestors afforded me days like this
once a lifestyle that was above my reach
Is now another part of my life
It is me
And it soothes me
Like ginger ale to an upset stomach
But as my new glasses
Cloud my eyes like a golden mist
I can’t forget both world still a exist
And as long as time permits
I will strive so the ppl from my struggle
Can see a life like this

A comfortable and lightweight 100% Polyester t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn for a super silky feel. This American Apparel t-shirt is made in America, sweatshop free.

• 100% polyester construction
• 30 Singles
• Durable rib neckband
• Made in America, sweatshop free


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