Facts of Life
Facts of Life

Facts of Life


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Artwork by Josh Delarosa based on the poem “Facts of life” by Chad Montgomery

Facts of life

I don’t knows these people you talk about
They disappeared
I was focused on making it
And when I turned around they were no longer there
Instead I saw the man in the mirror
The one I put down for falling short
But how short did I fall
My dreams are still a reality
And the people in my life are actuality
They have goals some of them already reached
Some of them have miles to go
But the fact is they are in the race
They didnt quit
Times got hard and they didnt split
So when i was busy making it
They were busy making it to
That’s the people in my everyday life
Yea I see you
But for those of you who speak on broke ones you can’t be too far
Because it takes one to know one
Now when it comes to being broke I use to be a used too
but focused on the gift God had given me
I’m doing what is meant for me
so instead of talking down to my people
I’m talk them up
And when I was down
they talked me up
and now we high
in the clouds
and God is the only one that can bring us down
so we fear not of the past
and look to God to make it last

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